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Michele Raneri

Vice President, Analytics and Business Development, Experian
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Michele Raneri is the Vice President of Analytics and Business Development at Experian. In this role, she manages teams of scientists, analysts and consultants who use quantitative analytics to demonstrate value of Experian’s Consumer, Commercial and Affinity solutions. The teams’ key areas of responsibilities are: building custom models; segmentation; portfolio benchmarking; thought leadership; and alternative data evaluations for M&A opportunities.

She closely monitors the credit market and drives market studies to help lenders understand the current trends and anticipated changes that could impact their businesses. Market specific data is often presented at numerous executive meetings, which include in-depth discussions that generate new product ideas and studies. She is a regular speaker at industry conferences, updating audiences on the economic climate, explaining credit trends, and telling stories to bring credit data to life.

Prior to joining Experian, she worked at Citi Cards and most recently with Citi Mortgage as the Sr. Director of Risk Analytics. In these roles, she was responsible for: model development and implementation; attribute and model governance; and relationships with credit bureaus and list processors.

Prior to Citi, Michele was with Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines. While working in the airline industry, she managed the development of databases, competitive analytics, performed analyses that contributed to the strategy, and continually assessed scenarios of possible mergers and acquisitions of airlines.

Michele has nearly 30 years of experience in analytics, database development, scoring, and all cycles of credit lending.

She enjoys travel, hiking with her husband, and painting in her spare time.