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Nicole Anderson

Director, FS Risk & Regulatory Advisory, PricewaterhouseCoopers
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Nicole Anderson has nearly 20 years of financial services experience, including eight years of regulatory experience as a commissioned examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Her focus is on assisting financial services firms with meeting their regulatory compliance requirements and enhancing safety and soundness. Nicole possesses skills in the areas of enterprise risk management and compliance, information technology, audit, and asset management, and has led numerous large, complex projects. She has provided assistance to numerous financial services clients regarding a variety of regulatory issues, including safety and soundness, consumer compliance, information technology, anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act compliance, and regulatory reporting. At the Federal Reserve, she led targeted reviews and examinations/inspections for community, regional, and large financial institutions. She obtained practical experience in risk management, cross-functional regulatory compliance (i.e., federal banking regulations, state regulations, SEC regulations, foreign jurisdiction mandates, etc.), corporate compliance, and internal audit. Her current clients include global banks, regional banks, and large mortgage lenders.