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Richard Triplett

Director of Compliance, Ellie Mae
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Richard Triplett, CMB, is Senior Director of Compliance for Ellie Mae. His primary responsibility is to manage regulatory compliance for Ellie Mae products, including AllRegs Online. Richard’s 34 years of experience includes: origination, processing, underwriting, underwriting management, secondary marketing management, compliance, operations management, bank and broker lending (retail, wholesale and correspondent), risk management, information technology, auditing and quality management. He’s worked with various companies in a compliance and operational capacity including Gregg & Valby, Secured Funding Corporation, H&R Block Mortgage/Option One Mortgage Corporation, North Fork Bank, and Republic National Bank of New York. Richard formerly owned National Portfolio Advisors, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts, and has spent many years as a private consultant. He’s also an AllRegs Academy instructor and writes industry-related articles for Ellie Mae/AllRegs publications and a number of widely-read industry publications, and is a subject matter expert for publications regarding compliance and other industry-related topics. Richard earned a Certified Mortgage Banker designation with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), has served as a CMB instructor on Real Estate Law and Regulatory Compliance, performs oral examinations for CMB candidates, and received a Faculty Fellow award from the MBA.